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Executive Management

Jeremy Seigel – Founder and Chairman

Jeremy began his career as an electrical engineer in Silicon Valley. He left the Intel Corporation in 1985 to start Seagull Scientific, back in the early days of barcodes and before Windows even existed. Along the way, Jeremy has worn many hats, from writing Seagull’s first code to taping closed its first boxes. As Seagull began to take off, he was fortunate to recruit elite technical and business talent and take advantage of a number of extraordinary opportunities as they unfolded. Jeremy is especially proud that Seagull has paid for its growth using company profits alone and been debt free for the entirety of its more than 30 years in business.

Harold Boe – President and CEO

Harold joined Seagull as a software developer in 1988, just as the company was getting off the ground. He leveraged his strong technical background to lead the Engineering teams, eventually becoming Seagull’s first Chief Technology Officer. In 2006, Harold assumed additional responsibilities as President/CTO, before becoming Seagull’s President in 2012, and President and CEO in 2016.

Ian Einman – Vice President of Technology

Ian is responsible for all product design and development activities worldwide. He joined Seagull in 1997 as a developer of Windows printer drivers, and led the printer driver team for 10 years before taking over the applications team. Prior to joining Seagull, he was an independent shareware developer with experience on multiple platforms dating back to the early 80’s.

Steve Wilcox – Vice President of Marketing

Steve leads the Marketing team worldwide, and joined Seagull in 2013. He brings 25 years of experience in international marketing and communications for business technology users and channel sales partners, including 12 years as a Marketing Director at Kofax, a global, channel-based software manufacturer.

Wayne Burns – Vice President of Finance and Administration

Wayne is responsible for all accounting, finance, human resources and legal activities worldwide. He joined Seagull in 2013, bringing with him 25 years of diverse business and accounting experience. As a CPA, Wayne has held positions with local and international accounting firms, and he also worked at a software company which he helped nurture from the early startup stage through acquisition by an international media company.

Steve Short – Vice President of Information Systems and Technology

Steve is responsible for Seagull’s information technology and systems strategy, including business systems and the global network infrastructure. He joined Seagull in 2014 with more than 25 years of IT experience, including 20 years in management roles at biotechnology companies such as Glaxo Smith-Kline, Bio-Rad and Corixa, where he specialized in systems validation, regulatory compliance and systems/network engineering.

Gene Henson – Vice President of Technical Services

Gene is responsible for technical support and services worldwide. He joined Seagull's Technical Support department in 2006 and led the Americas team for six years before taking over global responsibilities. Gene has also served as an engineer in the US Army National Guard since 1998, having a variety of roles and responsibilities in the US and abroad.

Marla Yetso – Director of Human Resources

Marla joined Seagull in 2017, bringing with her 16 years of global HR experience at thePlatform (now Comcast Technology Solutions), where she helped guide corporate culture and change management as the number of employees grew by more than 18x and the company expanded to multiple international offices. Her experience and commitment to employee engagement drove industry-high retention and employee satisfaction.

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